So! I’ve been talking a lot with clients about social media management and the benefits and I decided to create a breakdown for everyone.

Here are best uses and reasons to start with these mainstream social media options!

Facebook – everyone is on facebook. Here you can be a social butterfly but keep in mind that keeping people’s interest is difficult and you are trying to gain new followers all the time. The content has to target what people could be interested in or find your page generally informative on a topic of interest for them.

Facebook marketing if done correctly can actually generate you leads because the page is highly customizable with forms, apps and more. Keep in mind that many have converted their shops to Facebook pages and actually have sold products on Facebook directly due to app integrations like shopify.

Twitter – short, concise tweets that are informative. Twitter when used right can gain you popularity and make anything you post go viral. Twitter is not really about direct sales but about building a trust with people in the same circle as you.

However, I’ve personally used Twitter and built a community on Twitter to the point that if I ask people to share something they go out of their way to help me reach bigger audiences and I’ve ended up meeting and networking with some of the people from Twitter.

Linkedin – you’re not considered a serious professional unless you have a Linkedin Profile. Linkedin took the internet by storm a while back and became the must have thing for jobseekers, contractors, career-oriented people.

From recommendations to your own blogging platform through Pulse – now you’re able to reach hundreds, if not thousands of more professionals in different fields. For what we do, particularly graphic design, brand identity, etc – it’s vital to network on this particular social media platform.

Linkedin is all about value. Offer value through your posts and you could lead yourself to some lucrative contracts. I’ve solicited my connections on Linkedin and gained 4 clients in one month. It’s a matter of keeping up with it.

Pinterest – If you’re in the business of visual appeal. Pinterest is wonderful. It allows you to upload your pictures and pin them to a board under a specific category. People that are looking for inspiration follow ‘inspiring’ brands and idea.

This is about geo-tagging and locations. It helps your SEO. It’s not about trying to gain clients, it’s about targeting location settings and relevant keywords plus you can link back to your website. It’s an SEO god-send. Some awesome stay-at-home moms use it for sales and do very well however (if you have a product instead of a service)

Youtube – Everyone obviously understands the value of Youtube videos. The thing is, if you monetize Youtube videos and they become viral – this can generate extra income to your pocket but more importantly you’re aware that most people don’t like to read anymore.  Our goal is to keep someone on your Web page for approximately 3 minutes. When they’re hooked they are more likely to explore more and eventually reach out.

Also youtube allows for linking and keyword tagging plus location tagging. SEO Wise this really connects especially since youtube is a Google based product.

Instagram – this mobile only app has become super popular place for businesses with products or services to post their pictures and strut their stuff. Where hash tagging is key on twitter it’s literally what life is all about on instagram. #hashtagging allows you to set hash tags specific to your needs and those following certain trends or topics will lead back to your pictures or profile and hopefully gain a follower.

Instagram is a short term use for service providers long term use for product providers. It’s a great selling tool but it’s main thing is to keep your brand on all social media profiles, active and fun. Instagram is about getting personal and fun!

Google + – This is a google based concept of course and while it’s not increasingly popular it still holds SEO juice. Posting links to your articles on Google + is like posting it on Google directly.

You can use Google + to network with your immediate friends or families or clients and put them in individual circles and expose each circle to unique materials that the particular social group would be interested in.

Plus Google + can be used to create webinars, seminars and other awesome projects if you want to use something free or low cost.

I hope you found this article enlightening. If you want to consult on how social media can help your specific business or which social media outlets best suit your type of business, feel free to reach out! :) 

Margarita Benyammine

Margarita Benyammine

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