It is always great to share content with the world, especially on a topic that is well valued and enjoyable. However, there is no point in talking about something without it having meaning or a reason for someone to ‘heed’ to the message. Call to Actions are important. Not everyone will take action but not having a call to action, severely limits you to no one taking action, ever.

Places & Ways to Place Call to Actions:

1. On your Facebook Page – use your header to place a message that encourages communication, a new eBook, product launch, etc.

2. On Your Facebook Page, utilize the button that clearly shows action.

call to action

Facebook Call To Action – Example

3. On your website’s main page, slider – usually most people will place pretty pictures in the home slider section, we recommend pretty pictures but with a mixed message of a reason to have someone to reach out to you. Again, new product or eBook or great blog post.

4. On the contact page, don’t limit the title of the button ‘contact us’ but instead ‘get a free quote’ ‘free consultation’ ‘free assessment’. Something that gets people curious enough to click.

5. Develop a page called ‘why us’ and list 5-10 reasons for why you should be chosen over a competitor and end it with a call to action to reach out to an advisor or customer care representative.

6. Write blog articles and initiate a point of conversation with your reader by giving them questions or an option to reach out at the end of your post.

Call to Actions are powerful and can increase conversions dramatically. Don’t let a great post or space go to waste.

Want to discuss creating great call-to-actions in more detail? Give me a shout at or at 416 910 4439!

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