At Pixeletta Consultations, we have a basic belief that it is best to get straight to the point immediately. We offer every administrative service and web based service through our extensive team. We also can connect you to other great service providers.

Each client requires specific needs; for somethings we set a standard price regardless of needs and for some other services we require information from you before we can determine how much labour is required on our end; our promise? We will always be market-fair in our pricing if not better.

From Margarita Benyammine:

“Hi! My name is Margarita… oh, well, I guess you got that already! I’ve been an administrator for over 7 years; I’ve assisted realtors, DJs, other website designers, resume writers, immigration consultants… I’ve worked retail, sold master card and designed websites whilst doing all the above. I have a passion for finding answers and solutions for client inquiries. You have an idea? I have dozens right after you tell me your single idea.

I am blunt and straight forward – I will never waste your time. If I can’t do it; I know someone that is qualified and able to do it. From something as simple as typing a document to something as complicated as building an online store. This is my promise to you: I will always find a way to help you at the best possible price.

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